Festive and Christmas party menu

Available until 24th December. 3 Courses for £22.50 and kids £15.00 (under 14)


Chicken Liver Pate
Seasoned chicken liver cooked in brandy, topped with butter, served with toasted bread, gherkins & balsamic onion.
Goat Cheese Crotine (v)
Deep fried goats cheese, beetroot, pear puree & rocket leaves.
Smoked Salmon Roll
Salmon filled with creamy cheese & herbs, topped with caviar.
Vegetable Soup (v)
Mixture of Mediterranean vegetable soup served with freshly home-baked Turkish bread.


Turkey Shish
Marinated lean tender chunks of turkey on skewers seasoned with Turkish herbs, served with roast vegetables, cranberry yoghurt & rice.
Beef Yahni
Diced beef slow-cooked in red wine sauce with rosemary, served with sauté potato, green beans & red wine jus.
Oven Baked Salmon
Marinated salmon cooked in oven with wine sauce, served with asparagus, fish velouté & sauté potato.
Imam Bayildi (v)
Deep fried whole aubergine, stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables in a special tomato and garlic sauce, served with rice & Greek salad.


Baklava (n)
Baked cubed layers of filo pastry, filled with granulated nuts & sugar syrup served with one scoop of ice cream.
Baked shredded filo dough with nuts, served with pistachio & mascarpone cream.
Lemon Cheesecake
Home-made lemon cheesecake served with berries & raspberry coulie.
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Served with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream.